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Why eZTracker?

Verify if your medical and wellness products are safe for use within seconds

The pandemic has accelerated our need to take a united front to help protect everyone from fake or substandard products and eZTracker is here to help!

With blockchain, products from authorised manufacturers are tracked and traced for quality assurance – right up till they reach you. Download our eZTracker app to scan, verify, and receive more insights on your products before using them.

What eztracker can do

Rule out fake and substandard products with confidence

With a mission to make safe healthcare more accessible, eZTracker uses blockchain to track and trace products. Now, you can access key product information to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Product Authentication
Is your product from an authorised source? Scan products with our real-time verification mobile app today for peace of mind!
Cold Chain Monitoring Enhancements
Medical, wellness and healthcare products like vaccines need to be stored in temperatures as low as -80°C. eZTracker monitors them closely and empowers you to verify if they are safe before use.
Track Sales Rechanneling Activities

eZTracker works closely with pharma manufacturers and the authorities to track grey markets and their operations which may threaten your safety.

Tired of your medicines being out-of-stock? eZTracker works with selected healthcare providers to track inventory more effectively and enable auto-replenishment.
Electronic Product Information

Access the latest approved product information easily via mobile. Say goodbye to small printed paper leaflets today!

Stay Connected
Now, you can report adverse effects and suspicious products easily. Stay plugged in to receive important news including product updates and recalls.

Pharma manufacturers are joining us today.

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News and Insights


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Be Part of Our Collaborative Healthcare Network

Together, we are stronger. With eZTracker, everyone plays a part in protecting the ecosystem from fake and substandard products. Protect the community with us today.

Patients and Healthcare Consumers

Verify Products in Seconds

Scan product with eZTracker mobile application to verify key product information for peace of mind.

Report suspicious products immediately.

Easy Access to Product Information

Healthcare Providers

Deliver Quality Patient Care

Pharmacists, doctors, and nurses can now access real-time verification of medical, health and wellness products before giving them to patients and healthcare consumers.

Improve Inventory Management

Access to inventory status, including stock count and expiry date, is now available. This saves time for healthcare providers to focus on care delivery.

Manufacturers, Governments, and Non-profit Organisations

Fight Fake & Substandard Products Effectively

With more visibility over supply chain, and the help of the public, we can conduct more effective fraud and sales rechanneling investigations together.

Build Supply Chain Resilience

Empowered with end-to-end traceability, pharma manufacturers can more effectively safeguard the supply chain and its operations from disruption.

Are you a pharma manufacturer? Contact us for more information.

Verification made easy

How eZTracker works


Download the eZTracker app

Get the eZTracker app from the App Store or Google Play


Launch the app and allow access to camera and location

Within seconds, anyone is empowered to trace their medicine back to it’s manufacturer and country of origin.


Scan data matrix on packaging and get instant results

Within seconds, anyone is empowered to trace their product back to its manufacturer and country of origin.

Start your journey towards safer healthcare today.

eZTracker works closely with everyone in the healthcare ecosystem to build an open and transparent network you can trust. Join us today.

Patients & Healthcare Consumers



Government & Non-profit Organisations

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